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Machine Control and Diagnosis

Modern monitoring technology is used in the power generation industry to ensure reliable supply of electric energy with reduced maintenance costs and a high utilization of the equipment. The recording of important operation data is used to detect faults on time to prevent damages and estimate remaining operation life.

The economic performance of larger machines especially in power plants can be considerably enhanced by on-line monitoring techniques and expert systems.

Vibration signals as well as process data such as temperature, hydrogen pressure,
hydrogen purity, flow rates, partial discharges, shaft voltages and field winding shorted turns can be monitored and used for condition assessment of the entire machine.

Condition assessment and the detection of abnormalities and troubles is performed by an expert system where expert knowledge is documented and executed in form of a software package.

Complete Fiber Optic System with 12 Fiber Optic Measuring Channels

Installed Fiber Optic Sensor to pick up radial vibrations

Installed Fiber Optic Sensor to pick up tangential vibrations