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Power plant technology and power plant service

Rotating machines are the most important energy converters in the power generation industry. High reliability and availability is requested for those machines.
A life time of at least 40 years with more than 10,000 start / stop cycles is requested.

With our experience over many years with machines of different OEM´s in conventional power plants, nuclear power plants, hydro power plants, wind and solar energy generation plants we are the ideal partner for:

Damage and fault analysis of rotating and non rotating power plant components such as turbines, generators, motors and transformers.

Design Review of power plant components

Retrofit proposals for capacity increase, efficiency improvement, and service life extension of power plant components

Technical support during operational problems

Development of monitoring and expert systems for plant control

Preparation of training manuals and operation instructions, training of staff

Quality control and quality assurance

Stress distribution in a rotor tooth in the area of the retaining ring shrink fit at standstill.

Machining of a new 18Mn18Cr retaining ring with an optimized design

Cooling of a rotor shaft with liquid nitrogen before shrinking into the spider of a hydro generator